Selling Downloadable Products in Magento

Does anyone know if it is possible to sell downloadable products in Magento?

I set up the product as downloadable and upload the file through magento admin. Admin writes the file here: magento/media/downloadable/files/links/i/s/filename

I create a Customer Account, test-buy the product and try to download the file two ways:
1. From the ‘Checkout OnePage Success ‘
2. From the ‘My Downloadable Products’

Neither works. Any insight?

Thank you very much.

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seotraining 0.00 $tone November 21, 2009

OK -- so again I answer my own question. Maybe it will help someone. Here is the answer:

To create a working link to a downloadable product, and to have the customer able to access the file:
1) this wiki is helpful::…adable_product
2) in admin/system/config/catalog/downloadable product options/use content-disposition, I set Use Content Disposition to ATTACHMENT.

Thank you.

Thank you for posting this solution. I had been struggling with this issue.


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