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Hi there, I’m trying to get the description to show in mod_jaslideshow2.

This is the syntax I’m using:


[desc img="banner-bakery.jpg" url="#"]
<h3>if you want a title put it here</h3>

The following parameters are set:

Show Description: Description only (i’ve tried Readmore too)
Show description when: always

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…any ideas?

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Profile photo of Mel Ahlborn 0.00 $tone September 9, 2009

I am also interested in configuring the ‘descriptions’ for the JM Slideshow. When I insert text for each image into the ‘Description’ box in the admon/config/JMSlideshow panel, I have irregular results on my homepage.

michauda 0.00 $tone September 16, 2009

I figured my problem out.

The text was appearing, but because I had shortened the height of the image, you couldn’t see it behind the other elements.

I had to open templates\ja_sulfur\css\ja.slideshow2.css and change some values there.


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