Sportsgear Reverting To Green.

We have the Sportsgear theme installed.
This theme is determined to be green no matter the settings in admin >> Base Theme. How can we rid the green theme for good ? Firefox always showed green even when Chrome and IE showed the correct orange configuration (when the color setting in admin worked) so overwriting the default color with orange seems a must.
As it is now, all browsers show green to spite color being set to #ff6d0b in base theme.  I would love to never see this green color again in my life. 
Any body have similar issues find a fix ? 

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Profile photo of Ziven Staff 100460.00 $tone February 6, 2015

Hi Weed,
Are you try clear cache browser?
I think because the browser save cookie. Please try clear it.
Best Regards,

Profile photo of David Mercier 530.00 $tone February 7, 2015

This is not a cookie or cache related issue. These are dumped regularly through production multiple times a day. Its been an ongoing issue with the theme over quite a few months. Even when it did work on Google Chrome and IE it showed green on Firefox. Its all sorts of buggie. 
I really need a permanent fix. If this means over writing all colors with the orange theme I am fine with that as long as the green is gone for good.
Thanks for the help.    

Profile photo of Ziven Staff 100460.00 $tone February 9, 2015

Hi There,
Please PM me your site’s url, admin and ftp credentials, I’ll detect the root of issue for troubleshooting. 
PS: Please post right here with “Private” option. 
Best Regard,


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