UB Data Migration Tool installation failed

Hi Team,
I am trying to install UB data migration tool and have this error:

Using version ^1.0 for ubertheme/module-ubdatamigration
./composer.json has been updated
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies (including require-dev)
Installation failed, reverting ./composer.json to its original content.

The “http://packagist.org/p/magento/module-backup%248627cfc38262d0435a5319a
813f7a3ef3cbc50d1cccad5383f04e6a447729869.json” file could not be downloade
d: failed to open stream: Connection timed out

Any suggestion?
Thanks in advanced

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Profile photo of Eddy Ricardo Santos 340.00 $tone April 19, 2016

I solved it.
It is about folders and files permissions. 
As we have a cpanel server, can not use 770 or 660 attribs. Only 755 in folders and 644 in files. Uber-DMT come with 770 and 660 as magento default.
I only run a those command and have the tools operative now:
1- go to magento_installation_path/vendor folder and run:

find ./ubertheme/ -type f -exec chmod -c 644 {} \; && find ./ubertheme/ -type d -exec chmod -c 755 {} \;

2- go to magento_installation_path/pub/ folder and run:

find ./ub-tool/ -type f -exec chmod -c 644 {} \; && find ./ub-tool/ -type d -exec chmod -c 755 {} \;

I hope help to another people


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