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HI there,

I would like to upgrade my site to Magento 1.5

Is there a resource on here that gives details on how to do this I am using the Galaxite template


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Hi Huzie!

I attach here the change log for JM Galaxite and guide for change files when updating from Magento to Magento Upgrading is a complex progress so I suggest you post it as little project on http://www.joomlancers.com/. They should help you well in this case.


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Ok.. so i managed to upgrade everything ok..

but when going through a test checkout I cannot get any further than the Second section (billing)

If you try this you will find that it simply redirects back to the shopping cart.

Also noticed i have an error (in IE) saying "mage is undefined" which appears to be stopping my logo from showing

I think this might be related as when going to the checkout page it indicates an SSL issue where some items might not be encrypted.

I have logged a case on this.. but wondered if anyone else had any ideas?



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