whats the best extention for facebook or social plugins like fan page or like box?

Hello guys,

I try several extentions on my Magento 1.6.1 Comunity and Magento connect 2.0.. but none really work well.

has any of you, made to install an extention for

1 Facebook Fan page with faces and stream.
2 social plugins on every item, productos, and categories like Facebook Like button, Google +, pinterest, twitter..

the most importants are Facebook and twitter..

can you please sugest me an extention or a few to get this social plugins? or maybe a site who

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Thanks Saguaros.. actually yesterday I was able to installa couple, but with a few bugs and design issues, but did what it was supossed to.. however, in the case of the facebook fan page block, I read some topics on Magento forum, where a friend recommended to create a static block witht the iframe facebook code, and then create a widget and assign the static block into it.. however, i still need to understand some basic concepts as..

1 How to find and determin Magento template positions to be used to place objects such as widgets.
2 How to add extentions and place those in specific positios like, left, rigth, position1, position2… just like in joomla…

some help on this please!! best regards

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Hi ruku,

With each template released, we have guide to should module position of this template such as: http://www.joomlart.com/forums/showt…127#post311127
Then you can create static block assigned to this position. Inside this static block, you can display widgets or extensions you want.
For example with this JM Pixeri template: http://www.joomlart.com/forums/showt…xeri-Userguide

-- ‘4 in 1’ static block displays widgets
-- ‘Coming Soon’ static block displays JM Product Slider module

You can know more about static block in this video guide
or how to add static block in magento


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