500 Error after install

Hi. Installed as an upgrade from UBDMP 2.07 to UBDMP 3.1.0 on Magento 2.1.13. After install I go to the UBDMP panel. On the top of the screen, in an unformatted bullet list is:

Below this is the database info. If I click on “Update and Continue” button I get the following:
Error 500
unserialize(): Error at offset 0 of 114 bytes

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    I redeployed static content and the formatting is now fine but the 500 error remains.

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Hi there,
Seem you have not upgraded our tool successfully yet. Let’s provide me information about your instance:
+ Admin credentials and URL to back-end
+ SSH credentials and path to Magento2 folder
I will help to check further and get back you soon.


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