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Hi Guys,

I have a 500 error after installing template. I reinstalled everything, tried with the quickstart, the binary upload, the copy paste of the code of list.phtml….etc

nothing seems working I just get a blank website



when trying to access JM Products in the administration section (configuraiton) I just get Access Denied when selecting the store view. For the "All stores" I just get a blank page with top menu and possibility to change to store view.

I hope you understand what I mean, I’m a Quebecer and my English sucks a little.

Thanks in advance for helping.


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For everyone stuck in the same solution:

in page.xml under app/design/frontend/default/jm_anion/layout (or your custome page.xml)

change the line
<block type="core/profiler" output="toHtml"/>

<block type="core/profiler" output="toHtml" name="core_profiler"/>

Looks like there were some changes in the way Magento handles this call!

The template was built for but not updated for 1.4.1 which should be done.

(solution found on another forum)

STILL searching for JM Products prob


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