Adding to toplinks?

On my previous theme i could edit top.phtml to add extra items like "return to homepage, FAQ" etc.
I have noticed that this file is not present, its this controlled in a different file now?
If so how can we add further options to this top menu which are not related to categories (we specify the target URL).



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Guys, I’m having the same problem, I’ve located the file and code:

HTML Code:

<div class="header-nav-container">
    <div class="header-nav">
        <h4 class="no-display"><?php echo $this->__('Category Navigation:') ?></h4>
        <ul id="nav">
        <?php foreach ($this->getStoreCategories() as $_category): ?>
            <?php echo $this->drawItem($_category) ?>
        <?php endforeach ?>
    <?php echo $this->getChildHtml('topLeftLinks') ?>

How do you add links to the menu? I need to add about three links static page links (I’ve added them at "Manage Pages>Add new page")


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