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Hello there,

I am not sure what is going on here. I am trying to make a different layout for every page on my site….

home layout -- for homepage
about us layout -- for about us page

etc etc….

The problem is whatever layout is chosen when I save it is the layout the entire site adapts.

I have read many posts and found a similar issue, It said to use the assignment tool under the template manager. I tried setting my "home" layout style, then going to the assignment editor and choosing home only. It still gives me the same style on every page.

I am happy to send any information you may need to help me fix this issue. Its becoming a major issue that Is potentially hurting my deadline.

Thanks a ton

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Profile photo of Saguaros 0.00 $tone November 16, 2013

Hi there,

Suppose that you have 2 layouts: home and AboutUs then:

-- In backend > template manager: you will have 2 styles -- 1 for home page and 1 for about us page
-- Open style for homepage > go to Layout tab > select home layout. Then go to Assignment tab, select home menu item only.

-- Do the same steps for style of about us page, notice that in Layout tab, you must select AboutUs layout.

In case, it doesn’t work, you can pm me login info of your site, I will check it for you.


matt0bellows 0.00 $tone November 19, 2013

I have tried this many many times. It is not working at all for me. I assign home to home and save it. Then I assign about us to about us and it changes home back to about us?? Its like its only taking one layout? Please any help I can get further on this would really help me out. I am on a tight deadline and this is really holding up our development of this site.

Thanks again

matt0bellows 0.00 $tone November 19, 2013

I am an official dumb-ass. I figured it out. Although this is most likely one insanely stupid questions among many to come.


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