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Great Template. Great idea to have a booking form link…. but how does it work? Would love the ‘book a table’ to work. Is there anyway to attach an email form so that the booking details are actually sent somewhere. Right now when you click ‘submit’ how does the form send the email? Where would I put the recipients email address? Would be nice if i could add some fields to collect the suers details and phone number and also a place where the email can be sent. The page just looks good but is totally non-functional for bookings. I don’t know how to add the email form so any ideas to add a form would be appreciated. thanks.

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Generally -- and unless you see that such an extension/function is expressly included (as a complimentary extension) within the theme info page, then this kind of "shell" element is usually only included within the demo version of the themes/templates to demonstrate possible uses and versatility of the respective theme/template.

In other words, it is not an included/functioning extension that comes with the theme itself.

As such, and if you are wanting to integrate such a function within your site, then my suggestion would be to check the MAGENTO CONNECT extension directory to find the extension that fits this purpose.


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