BUY Link for Featured Products is not working

Hi ,

I’m facing the problem that the BUY link for the Feature Products is not working correctly.
For the BESTSELLER Products it is working fine (Behind the BESTSELLER there is another Extension I think, the JM Products Slider and not the JM Products)

You can reproduce the problem here

All my products are configurable.
So funnily for the first two products shown "TRICK CREAM and "DEADHEAD" I can select the options T-Shirt Size when I click the BUY link.
Attachment 30518

If I tried to add the "PHUNKY TANK TOP" the following screen is displayed
Attachment 30519

If I previously added e.g. the TRICK CREAM to my cart then the following error is displayed. It says I must select the T-Shirt size but it is not displayed properly.
Attachment 30520

Any ideas what’s going wrong here?


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Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone October 9, 2013

are those products simple or configurable products ? you can pm me your admin account, the FTP info i will take a deeper look and try to detect the problem


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