Can I increase the number of slides on homepage?

Can you guys please tell me how to increase the number of slides on the homepage? Right now I’m seeing a limit of four. I noticed that I can upload more than four but only 4 thumbs end up being displayed on the homepage.
Is there in any way that I can fix this?
Thank you!

  1. @ziven.designThank you but that doesn't answer my question. My question isn't about how to increase the number of images featured on a slide.My question is when I upload more than 4 slides on the homepage, for example 8, only 4 square thumbnails show.Please let me know how I can fix this so the square thumbnails respond to the number of slides featured.Thanks!

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Hi Adie,
Very simple. Please go the media/jmslideshow and please add image you want to here.
PS: please remove the folder: media/resize for changed image when you upload the new image.
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