Can I merge 2 separate 1.9 installations into 1

My client has 2 separate stores (read: Magento 1.9 installations) that could be (should have been done in 1.9) combined into 1 Magento 2.0 installation.
Can I do that with the Data Mig Pro?

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Hi there, 
It’s possible to migrate 2 separate instances into one Magento 2 instance. However, there’re a few notes in this case: 

  1. When you start migrating from the 2nd Magento 1 database, it’s up to you to enable the Merge Default Website option or not (this feature is explained right in your migration dashboard like this one)
  2. Beside, due to our migration working rule, if you want to keep original IDs of specific data objects, your M2 instance must be a fresh instance. That means you can’t not use the Keep Original IDs setting when migrating from your 2nd Magento database (you can learn more about the Keep Original IDs setting here). 
  3. The delta migration feature is available for your last Magento 1 database only (in your case, it means the delta is available for the 2nd database). 
  4. Our current license grants you permission to migrate from one single Magento 1 database instance only. Each extra M1 db will need additional license. 

Meanwhile, please consider to migrate to the latest Magento 2.3.2 which our Pro version 3.2.1 is fully compatible with. 
Hope that helps. 
Ubertheme team


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