Cannot get some extensions to work

I’ve installed Slideshow, Product Slider and Product list -- all for use on the homepage.

A) Slideshow worked fine straight outta the box.

B) Product Slider on home page partially working -- I can get it to display latest products, but I’m trying to use it as a Featured Products module -- I’ve followed the guides and setup the "featured" attribute and added it to its relevant group. I’ve added the code to the Page content and rebuilt indexes and flushed cache….. but when I switch between latest products and featured products in the backend it gives me a blank result on the front end.

C) Product List not working at all. Cannot get it to display on front end, its appearing in the configuration tab, i’ve followed the instructions, i’ve put the relevant code in page content and i’ve flushed & rebuilt. Still nada.

I’ve reinstalled the Product Slider and Product list to make sure I’ve not done something silly whilst FTPing the files, but I’ve ended up with the exact same results again.

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