Frontend editing doesn't work

I cannot edit articles from the frontend, even when logged in on frontend and in spite of having super administrator rights. When I click on the edit putton (pencil) nothing happens. I tried giving myself editor and publisher rights as well, which I thought were included in the superadministrator rights.

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pavit 0.00 $tone September 21, 2014

Articles can be edited in category Blog view as you can see here Attachment 40117 ,but cannot be edited in item view , this can be due to a wrong setting in ACL manager component for articles or Category

Double check all groups settings in ACL manager

Profile photo of Andrew Winkler 0.00 $tone September 21, 2014

I had a look in ACL Manager and superadministrators have ALL the rights for ALL Joomla articles. It therefor makes no sense to me that I cannot open the article editing form when clicking on the edit/pencil button in full article view.


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