Cantegories and attribute sets

Both end with the word “migrated”.
The categories are not migrated into the default magento 2 category.
Also, the categories do not have the original id’s
Is there any way to perform the migration without things being labeled “‘migrated”?

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Hi there, 
Our migration tool appends to each attribute set name the suffix “migrated” (to distinguish the migrated data vs. your existing data in your M2 instance) which you can edit after migration. For example:

  • In M1: Default
  • In M2 (after migration): Default Migrated 

Regarding your 2nd question, if you want to keep category IDs, we’re afraid this will need custom tweaks beyond the current workflow of our migration tool. 
Thanks for your understanding. 
PS. Since our team is off during the weekend, our apology for a certain delay in response if you reach out to us during this period. 
Ubertheme team


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