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How can I change the order of the right column? I want to siwtch the product search to be the first item, then the cart and after that the categories.
other threads didn’t help me so please help me out.
thanks a lot!

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@ patriott,

You can open the layout file app/design/frontend/default/jm_celas/layout/page.xml, find and change:

HTML Code:

  <block type="catalog/navigation" name="catalog.leftcat"  template="catalog/navigation/sidenav.phtml" />


HTML Code:

<block type="catalog/navigation" name="catalog.leftcat" after="cart_sidebar" template="catalog/navigation/sidenav.phtml" />

Hope this helps.

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thanks for your reply! unfortunately there is no change at the frontend.

there is one point that irritates me:
your mentioned code snippet appears under <!--Display category on left--> which sounds to me like the left sidebar?
The <!--Display category on right--> has only a reference name and seems to be empty…

it’s quite confusing to me…


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