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Top 10 suddenly disappeared and deals of the week is showing only a black background. The setting should be ok, but I have replaced most of the products so it might be related to that.

Do anyone have any insights to what might cause this?

Solved it myself. It was the config of the products

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Yes, I have. I have another question though. I really need Product List to sort by date added and not latest updated. Latest updated is really quite useless because I bulk update prices and product availability on a regular basis (every night). Is there any plans to fix this?

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Please try this workaround:

Go to the file app\code\local\JoomlArt\JmProducts\Block\list.php, you would see:

PHP Code:

case 'latest' :
$listall $this->getListBestBuyProducts ('updated_at''desc' ); 

Change it to:

PHP Code:

case 'latest' :
$listall $this->getListBestBuyProducts ('created_at''desc' ); 

Hope that helps.

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I does kinda help, but not quite. Is there any way of sorting by the "Set Product as New from Date"?

I am afraid the extension does not support this yet. If you wish to add the feature now, please consider to hire a developer to help you on this.


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