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I have received the copyright removal by mail and download it as a .pdf with instructions how to.

Dear xxx xxxxx,
We received your copyright removal request and payment.
The file is stored in Your Member Area. Please log-in to download.

JoomlArt team

Followed these instructions but no go it’s still the same!

Any suggestions?

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I got the instructions changed as suggested :

After installation, you will have the template installed in your Magento instance. Here are the steps to
remove the copyright from Magento Templates
-- Open file ************************************************** **********************/footer.phtml
-- Feel free to remove/change the text in red belows. Kindly keep the HTML markup.

<?php echo $this->getCopyright() ?>. Designed by <a href="; title="Visit!"></a>.

But nothing changed still same Copyright, cleared cache and so on …

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Okay it’s fixed after flushing all the Cache-types in Magento

Thanks for your reply Tom any way…
Maybe you can shine a light on my other issue "changing logo"

I can certainly try . . . What is your "changing logo" issue?


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