Couple of issues

These might be a stupid questions but I would be glad if someone could point me in the right direction, please.

1. Where do you edit what is displayed in the right sidebar (see screenshot). The ad, the paypal logo etc.
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2. I would like to disable the freight counter. Where do I do that? And also, there is a button ‘Proceed to Checkout’, where do I edit/translate this button? Have searched for hours. (see screenshot)
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3. Where do you change/translate certain items in the footer menu? (see screenshot) Have not found Orders and Returns and Contact us anywhere to be translated?
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4. There are two items in the default Magento top menu that I have not found in any files and I would like to translate. (see screenshot). It is the Checkout and Log in links. Where can I find these?
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5. I dont seem to be able to disable the scrolling buttons for the featured product on the front page. (See screenshot) I tried to do it in backend but to no effect. (see screenshot). It is the two < > controls. We are only selling one product on our page to start with so no scrolling is needed.
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Thank you for your assistance.

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