Customize Your Email Communications in JM Sulfur

While you are setting up your JM Sulfur store, take the extra step to provide beautiful email communications to your store’s customers!

This is simple to do and well-worth the time to present a professional image across your entire JM Sulfur store. Customize these with your store logo and company information.

The path to customize the email templates is:
where the ‘en_US’ is my language and location. If your language or country is different, this will be different in your path.

I used these two first, but there are many more templates associates with the Magento store:

account_new.html // sent when your new customer creates an account
product_share.html // sent when your customer ’emails a friend’ from a product page

I hope this is helpful for you to make your JM Sulfur store a brilliantly beautiful experience for every visitor. Thank you.

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