Dicento running really slow and category pages are off alignment.

HI Guy’s, I have an installation of Dicento running really slow. This is the second time that I have installed this template and I have the same issue again. (First I installed on Magento 1.6 stand alone install, this time it is a second store on a Multi Domain installation)

Just load the site and you will see how slow it is. Secondly, the category pages are off alignment with the "add to cart" buttons showing at the very bottom. Lastly I have made the slideshow banner full width as the text was not showing even when the settings were set to show description.

So hoping you can help me fix this installation and have it running smooth, love the template just need to get it working properly.

Kind regards, Dave

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Hi Dave,

You can check out our demo site of this JM Dicento theme. Its load speed is quite good, right?

Please try to switch to default theme (instead of Dicento theme) and check the speed again.

Hostings plays a part in speed, pls make sure that you’re using a good host.

One more thing you can do to ensure better performance is turn caching on (System -> Cache Management).

With 2nd question, this is so weird, pls let me know how you install this template, do you use quickstart or not? PM me admin and FTP account, I shall check this for you.

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Hi Saguaros,

Thanks for your response. Yes I like the demo and that’s why I purchased the theme but I have never been able to get it even close to that speed…but hope too.

I have one cpanel account on its own VPS with a good host so I dont believe that is the issue, I have tried caching also. This is a fresh install of the latest version of Dicento on a freshly upgrade Magento 1.7. set up as multi store. The main site is as good as always (jm Purity template, 3 years old site) but this template seems to be the issue.

Check out the page speed here (Time to First Byte: 29481 ms) http://www.webpagetest.org/result/121023_5K_3SZ/

I add all the relevant details on my first message. I appreciate your support Saguaros, thank you.

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Hi Saguaros, I appreciate your guidance on optimizing Magento for speed but I am still wondering why the category pages are off alignment. If you could answer this for I would be greateful.

I have sent through my ftp details on my first inquiry.

kind regards, Dave

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Hi Dave,

Seems that you make customization on this page, right? Please open file: /skin/frontend/default/jm_dicento/css/theme.css, line 2730:


.products-grid .actions {
    bottom: 10px;
    position: absolute;     <<<try to remove this line
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Hi Saguaros, No I haven’t made any custom changes to category or product pages. I followed your suggestion above (found it on line 2645) but it didn’t make any changes to the layout issue? Thanks for trying to help but I will re-post this question to see if anyone else has a solution as I cant let this drag on and the current title of this thread was the speed issue and is now misleading. If you know the fix I would of course be glad to hear.


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