Does it works well with magneto 1.9 which is the latest edition or should i fall back to 1.8

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    I installed 1.9 and seems to work.
    Can someone direct me to install extension, you direction states
    1. Copy all the folders of each extension folder in mage_ext to the root of your Magento site folder on the server.
    2. Login to your Admin Panel on the stage localhost: http://localhost/magento/index.php/admin/.
    3. Navigate to System >> Configuration.
    4. To enable an actual extension, in the JoomlArt section, enter this one’s tab and set Enable to “Yes”.
    Where is Joomlart Section?
    I should add extracted files under mage_ext? and create sub-folder for each extension?
    I seem to be stuck hereThanks.

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