Help – megamenu not working at all!

Hi! don’t know what I have done! but MegaMenu isn’t working, I have checked and they are enabled! they were working 5 minutes ago, but they are no longer working, I was trying to get RSS feeds working using this method…ed-to-magento/

Please help me fix it before the other half finds out and kicks me!



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I have actually just sorted it, for some reason the megamenu XML file had disappeared :S

The only thing I uploaded to the server yesterday that would have gone into the /app folder was the jm rss feed extension. hmm don’t think that could have deleted it :S

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For some reason mega menu stopped working on my site as well. I do see the css files.
I assume for some reason xml have disppeard. It is enabled in the backend.
Could you please direct me where should be the xml placed?

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Hi  Vicky T
I need a closer look to detect the root of the issue. Please provide me the url, admin , the screenshots and FTP credentials of your site.
Best regards,
Kan Lee

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From June 1 to June 3, our Support Team will have limited availability during the holiday. As such, there will be limited technical support available during this time.
Your support requests will continue to be addressed but we may take little longer than usual to get back to you. You can expect an email response within 36 hours during the above mentioned 3 days.


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