How can I delete the search element in the top right corner?

The shop i am building, does not need the search function. So my question is, where can I switch off the search button (magnifiing glas with form field)?
In stead of this button I would like to have a button to switch to the secondary language. It would be a great help to know, in which file I have to tweek this.

thank you for your help…

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Hi martinmo,

You open the file of app\design\frontend\default\jm_walltemplate\page\ html\header.phtml there at the bottom you would see the html for the search button

HTML Code:

  <div id="ja-search" class="has-toggle">
  	<div class="btn-toggle search-toggle">
			<span>&nbsp;</span><strong><?php echo $this->__('Search') ?></strong>
		<div class="inner clearfix">
			<?php echo $this->getChildHtml('topSearch') ?>
	<!-- END: SITE SEARCH -->

You can make changes there,


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