How to add some links on the page footer, please?

I want to add some links at the page bottom, which I hope them arranged from left to right one by one.

I have added the link on app/…/page/footer.phtml but it doesn’t work so could you let’s know how to add the link, please?

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To add the link to footer links ( About Us Customer Service Site Map Search Terms Advanced Search Contact Us) please do this:

-- Login into admin
-- Go to CMS -> Static blocks -> edit footer links.

Please make changes on this. Thanks.

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Hi thangnn1510,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I don’t want to add links on here. I just want add links(will have many links) on the bottom line separatelly. I think I should add in footer.phtml but it doesn’t work after I add, could you help this more quick? Thanks in advance!


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