how to append new/updated data to migrated data

Hi Team,
We are using UB Data migration pro version 3.1.7 to migrate data from M1 to M2 community latest version.
I would like to know how to migrate only the newly inserted/updated records to the existing migrated M2 DB. In the sense the action should only append for the new/updated records from M1 to the existing M2 DB.
Please let me know.

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Hi Kumar, 
We’d like to clarify as follows: 
Our migration tool supports delta migration under two modes — Default mode via UI Dashboard and CLI mode via terminal: 
Default mode:
If you just migrate newly added items in M1 to M2, you just need to proceed delta migration using ‘default mode’ normally.
CLI mode:
If you migrate both newly added items and modified items in M1 to M2, you need to use the delta migration with CLI mode (using ‘--mode=update’).
IMPORTANT NOTE: the --mode=update will also overwrite existing Magento 2 data that has been migrated from Magento 1. Please refer to our Readme.html that comes packed with your download package to learn more about the CLI commands. 
Hope that helps. 
Ubertheme team


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