How to change the right bar title background colour?


I need to change the right bar title background colour.
Its shown in the red circle.

Thanks in advance

Currently in production:

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Dear baboonbaboon!

pls open the file: /skin/frontend/default/jm_topaz/css/theme.css and find codes:

HTML Code:

.box .head {
	background: url(../images/boxhead-bg.gif) repeat-y left #A5A5A5;
	color: #FFFFFF;
	padding: 8px 15px;
	margin: 0 -15px;
	line-height: normal;
	display: block;

1) you adjust the color code in the background attribute
2) you create a other background image which has red color to replace current background image, here is current background image:…boxhead-bg.gif

Good luck


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