How to create Static Block for Magento Custom module

Create your own Static Block

Go to Magento Admin Panel >> CMS >> Static Blocks:

Create block: E.g create "Did you know?" block

-- Navigate to "CMS->Static Blocks"…atic_block.png
-- Click "Add new Block"

-- Fill the form and configure with text in italic below and click "Save Block" button:

  • Title: Right module
  • Identifier: right_block
  • Store View: All Store Views
  • Status: Enable
  • Content: fill in all syntax quoted as you would like.

-- Go to CMS > Static Block > Click on the Homepage (home) row to edit the current homepage.…anage_page.png

  • In "General Information" tab, fill "Content" field with syntax quoted.
  • To push new static block, fill in "Layout Update XML" field in Design tab with syntax quoted below for example:

HTML Code:

<reference name="right">            
            <block type="cms/block" name="jmtabs" before="-">
                <action method="staticblock">
                    <title>[B][COLOR=Red]New block[/COLOR][/B]</title>

Refresh your cache if needed (in System > Cache Management > Save cache settings). Refresh your homepage to see the change applied.

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