How to make Mega Menu Categories images to appear

With the submenus on the Mega Menu section we have the option to upload images for each subcategory / other elements.
(See this screenshot to see the tool to upload images:
However, when an image is uploaded this way, one would expect to see it appear next to the category title, but instead that image is output as an inline background for a very small span that wraps the category title, and hence is totally invisible….
I tried to make the span bigger, float it to the left, make it display-block, but still the image didn’t appear.
How can we make those images appear normally next to the category title?

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I ended up going to the megamenu stylesheet, and in the last line (1071 aprox), uncommented this rule for the backgrounds to appear:
#jm-header .jm-megamenu ul.level0 li.mega{
    /*background: none !important;*/
After that I added some more CSS so it shows good.

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Hi There,
Sorry for about delay message. My system have some problem and not see your answer. Now it’s working fine. 
Please let me know if you need help further. 
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