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I was away again for a few months, since the "market collapse" and when I came back, I read about a new club. The Magento Club.

I finally had a chance to browse JM Purity, and it does look interesting, especially with the multi-level categorization that I found lacking in the standard JA Commerce templates.

I did not get a chance to go and test the features yet, but I would suggest that Joomlart look into sites like professional camera online pages, and other commercial sites.

One thing that I would be interested to have included is more like an intro newsletter section. This will allow the user to create some enticing intro text materials — to feature some products, do revierws, or introduce the visitors to products that might otherwise be buried in a very large site.

The above would be more like having the equivalent of the JA News Frontpage module of Teline II.

I have not had a more hands on, but I hope also that there is room for more "in-depth product or related products description".


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cgc0202 0.00 $tone March 13, 2009

Yeah, I have to do more reading. Right now, I am focusing on improving my customized layout of the Teline II still. I have so much material in my old websites that need better presentation.

And, indeed, the Mesolite looks even more polished — quite simple. I hope the make the other sections of the Demo working links. Also, as I requestion many times, I sure wish those big images are "randomized" and clickable to link to specific article, product group (section, category).

If I were to modify Mesolite, I would place some of the news section near the top, just below the big Apple image. It will break the monotony.



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