JM Mega Menu appends index.php/admin to the category/cms pages

I have been using JM Mega Menu without any issues for creating my menu system. However when I used it recently the cms page and category options append the text index.php/admin and it doesn’t lead any where. For example:

rather than:

it displays:

Does anyone have any insight on this matter?


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Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone March 21, 2014

Your megamenu is the latest version? I checked your front-end and see the menu’s urls are correct.

You can try to upgrade your megamenu. If that does not help, pm me your FTP credentials, I shall check further and get it fixed then.

Profile photo of Sung Yong Kim 0.00 $tone March 21, 2014

Thanks! The bulk of the front end menu was created when mega menu was working correctly. I had to use specific custom urls for the remainder. What would be the easiest way to upgrade mega menu?


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