JM Megamenu, One default category, multiple languages

Hi there
I have the following setup:
In category manager:
Main website store

Default category
Now cat1 has url-key=dkcat1 in storeview Dansk and it has url-key=ukcat1 in storeview Engelsk

Everything is working fine, but in JM Megamenu I have:

In Menugroup Dansk I have selected "Dansk" in "Display In", but in "Link" under "Menu type" it shows ukcat1.
Link does not change even if I change "Display In" … Link is always coming from url-key from storeview Engelsk.

Is this expected behavior?
How do I fix this?

Kind regards,

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Profile photo of Mall Staff 184060.00 $tone October 1, 2014

Can you PM me the Admin credential to access the backend of your website?
I will check further & find solution for this issue on your website.

Profile photo of Mall Staff 184060.00 $tone October 2, 2014

I have see the PM with username & password you are provide me.
But you are miss the admin url of your website.
Please PM full of credentials to access the back-end of your website.

Profile photo of Mall Staff 184060.00 $tone March 27, 2015

Hi guys,
Yes, that is a issue of our Jm Megamenu extension and we was fixed this issue in latest version.
To solve this issue, you can download the latest version at
and extract and install update it to your site.


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