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Here is the link where you can see the problem:

So the question is the following i created an attribute with Multipleselect for manufacturer! i want it to make that was that while in Subcategory of Doors he can choose out of several Producers like: Germany, Italy, Ukraine and e.t.c.

But when he enters the product itself he should not be able to choose the Producer he should only see it but make other choices like colors and e.t.c.

I managed to do it, colors and width are set as dropdown so he chooses, and are set to scope global and for configurable product, but the Producer is like Multiselect and in the subcategory view yes i can choose Germany for example. And it is great! but it does not display it to me like it should! it is displaying the Producer in the Additional TAB!! i need it to be displayed like all other elements in a row!! See the images below

Attachment 35101 -- This is good
Attachment 35102 -- This is where i need it to be displayed!

Thank you!

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Please help to update with correct admin account, I have tried but failed to access your back-end.

Sherlock i would much appreciate if you would help me on this question as fast as possible!

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Go to the app\design\frontend\default\your_themetemplate\ca talog\product\view.phtml file, you could insert the line below:

HTML Code:

<?php echo $this->getChildHtml('additional'); ?>

to anywhere that you want the attributes to be displayed.


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