JM Wall – Best way to place Banner images on Category pages?

Hi, Support,

I would like to place banner photos (not sliders), same width as the front page slide show, but much shorter under the menu for every category. Could you tell me what is the best way of achieving this please? I found this link:…ust-below-menu , but it is rather old, so I wonder if it still applies!

Thank you.

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Hi susanp,

This link is regarding to a joomla template, Is your question about a joomla template or magento ? if it’s regarding magento then I think you can create a Static block, pout your banner photo there then place it right under the menu for every category page my modifying the catalog layout file of app\design\frontend\default\your_jm_theme\layout\c atalog.xml

Hope you got it !

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Hi susanp,

Is it an image, right ? you can set the image’s max-width style to 100%, For example add this to the image tag

I hope this would help !


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