JoomlArt Extension installation problem

I have tried to install JoomlArt extension for Magento (version as part of JM_Mesolite template installation.

I have made the extension installation so that I copied all the files (of CategoryList extension) to appropriate folder, refreshed cache and see from magento -- configuration -- catalog that Magento has found the new extension. So far everything is good, but when I click the extension config link all I get is blank screen (shown in attached image).

Any ideas what could cause this behavior?


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I got this working after all. Reason for the strange behavior was Magento caching, which didn’t work as one would expect. I refreshed cache, but the config screen looked the same (blank). After few hours I tried cache refreshing again and snap config screen looked the way it should. There has to be something wrong with the extension code itself or Magento’s way of refreshing cache.



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