Magento photo selling template

Photo selling template for magento would be awesome!

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Profile photo of Hung Dinh 0.00 $tone February 18, 2009

Yes, photos, digital graphics, templates or any creative arts selling shop would certainly a very good business idea. Your suggestions will be in priority of design for the upcoming Magento club templates. Thank you

Profile photo of Daniel Pegues 0.00 $tone July 3, 2009

Sulfur is pretty good, but I am finding it takes forever to add downloadable products. It takes me on average 3 minutes to add one product. If I am selling 15000 images, then how long will it take me to upload them all?

Hehe. There needs to be a far better way of adding products. This, however, is not JA’s problem. It is merely how Magento is designed to handle downloadable products.


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