Make top level of dropdown non active

Does anyone know how to make the top level of the menu non active ?

I only want the child categories to be clickable.

In most other types of website like WordPress for instance i can add # and that link doesnt then become clickable.

Cheers for any tips.

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Profile photo of chavan 100.00 $tone August 4, 2011

Post your admin details and ftp details in the support ticket YQH-680-64156

This will be core customization. If you let me work on the core I will try to customize it for you. Please need confirmation.

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Thanks Chavan, as its not something simple and easily replicated by myself i dont want you to go to that much trouble.

I appreciate that sometimes you will go the extra distance to help us out, but as i have such a long list of (simple) issues to resolve 1st its best i deal with those.

But the 1 thing ive noticed is that if you have a category with 1 or more subcategories you cantinsert into the content area either text or image links you would do in wordpress or dreamweaver.

Please correct me if im wrong on anything ive said, and thanks again for the offer.


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