Migrate magentosite to other domain

How do I migrate a magento site to a new domain. I tried migrating my site:
http://www.mobilespares.in to http://www.morganite.mobilespares.in
I did the following steps:

1. Took complete backup of mobilespares.in (All files and folders)
2. Complete backup of database of mobilspares.in
3. Installed a fresh morganite template on morganite.mobilespares.in
4. Restored mobilespares backup to morganite.mobilespares.in
5. Imported database of mobilespares.in to morganite.mobilespares.in

But now when I open http://www.morganite.mobilespares.in, it actually opens mobilespares.in

Even when I go to http://www.morganite.mobilespares.in/admin, then also it appears http://www.mobilespares.in

Can you please help

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congtq 0.00 $tone August 25, 2010

You need to re-config Base URL in Admin from mobilespares.in to morganite.mobilespares.in, see attach file Attachment 8735

For your case, you go to phpMyAdmin, search "mobilespares.in" and replace with "morganite.mobilespares.in" in core_config_data table.

Profile photo of G T 0.00 $tone August 28, 2010

I tried doing as you said -- changed mobilespares.in with morganite.mobilespares.in. I also changed database name in app/etc/local.xml. I even deleted var/cache.
But still it points to mobilespares.in
I even tried with other doamin name -- http://mobilerepairsolutions.com. But no success


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