Migrating order comments

Is it possible to migrate order comments with this tool?
Thanks, Martin

  1. Profile photo of Martin WhiteleyMartin Whiteley 330.00 $tone June 25, 2018
    To be clear, I'm referring to the standard order comment content - does this migrate with orders?Also, is it possible to migrate custom fields in the sales order table?Thanks, Martin

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Profile photo of ubdev Staff 98350.00 $tone June 26, 2018

Hi Martin, 
Our Pro version supports core Magento’s order comment. 
For customers, we support core system attributes only, the custom fields for sales data is not handled yet. This is partially because such custom fields do not exist in default Magento 2. Further, for those are added manually or via third-party extensions, it would be best to leave such custom fields handled by the associated extensions, instead of separately migrating those. 
Hope that helps.
Ubertheme team


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