Migration tool more than one migrate?

I have migrated data of magento 1 sample data to magento 2.0.0 site successfully.
and all features working fine for me in my localhost.
now i go ahead and start another migration.
this time i have live db and i want to migrate it.
but i don’t found any option to start new migration.
it shows me old 100% completed and old db details.
when i try to change db detail there it still shows old db detail which we have migrated successfully.
any idea or suggestion if i am wrong anywhere?

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Hi Tejas Parmar,
You can re-settings an other Magento 2 database information in step 1 and then fress ‘Reset all’ button to start migration with other database: http://i.imgur.com/kHqowuO.png

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Hi Tejas Parmar,
As my first reply (#1), Let’s re-settings to another Magento 2’s database information (in step 1) before you press the ‘Reset all’ button.


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