no access to JM Catalog extension in configuration

When I click on an extension in System/Configuration/Catalog/JM RSS Reader, for example, nothing appears. If I try to change views it says Access Denied.
What’s happening? I can’t install from the quickstart because I have 500 categories that I do NOT want to recreate.

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There must be a file (or files) for these extensions that is/are NOT in app or skin. I rolled out a fresh install with the quickstart so that I could compare it with my current store. Since they are both running 1.3.1, I simply unzipped the quickstart zip file into my main store, thereby overwriting the files. I then reset permissions to match the original store and it works…I can now see the properties of the extensions. I also was able to look at the static blocks in the quickstart version so that I could match everything in my actual store. Thus I was able to fix the footer to match the demo. Sort of a long way to go to fix it, but it works nonetheless. I hope this helps.


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