not showing label attribute on page product

In page product not is displayed label of dropdown list (for example color or size label).
No label show over or beside dropdown list.
In all dropdown list (one or two) is visible only “select an option….” as first list item(gray) and list items, but no label.
For example if there are two dropwown list as color and size in all dropdown list are displayed “select an option….” as first list item and if click on dropdown list is displayed list items.
But only if click on dropdown list understand what is it in dropwdown list
This problem is also in test site with sample data.
I have add label (color and size) in layout as text fixed but this solution is not accettable if change dropdown list number: one dropdown list instead of two.
How can show correct dropdown list label?

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Profile photo of tuan le van 11570.00 $tone July 3, 2015

Hi Anna,
I need a closer look to detect the root of the issue. Please provide me the url, admin and FTP credentials of your site.
Best regards,


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