One column instead of 3

There are 3 columns in homepage (position-3).

I want the left and right columns removed completely.

I removed from CMS static block postion-3 the following sections…
<div class="col-1">


<div class="col-3">

This moved the center column to the left as I wanted.
But the right column (although empty) still occupies some space.
QUESTION #1 : How do I remove the right column so the content stretches all the way to the right instead of cutting off where the right column is?

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++

In the other pages (not homepage)….I have a left column.
I want to remove this left column also completely.
QUESTION #2 : Where do I make this change?


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I would like to clarify your concerns as follows:

1. If you’ve already removed the code for col-1 and col-3 in static block in position-3, please try to edit a bit in the css file: \skin\frontend\default\jm_megamall\css\style.css

On approx line 7696, look for this css declaration:


#jm-tops2 .col3-set .col-2{
	margin: 0 20px;
	width: 100%;  <<< change to this value

2. Could you specific the page where there is left column?


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