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I have a stupid problem with image zoom in products photos. If the product has several colors, and clicking on the picture of the color, then open the photo of the product in that color when you mouse over the image “image zoom” displays crystal clear picture. However, if you choose any of the other product photos below the main picture Image zoom show it with very poor quality. Bearing in mind that the two pictures are exactly the same just one is with color name. I thought that the problem is only with me, but I looked at the demo of “SportsGear” of your site and the problem is the same. Only pictures of the colors are crystal clear .. all others are with poor quality. (the black color picture is same that tha black front picture below main one. Can you help me with this stupid problem 🙂   Best regards,

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Hi duvi,
Yes that is a issue of our Jm Travel Gear theme. To solve that issue you can do steps as bellow:
1- Download the java script file at
and upload replace it to the folder path in your site at \skin\frontend\default\jm_travelgear\js\easy-slider.js
2- Download the template file at
and upload replace it to folder path in your site at \app\design\frontend\default\jm_travelgear\template\catalog\product\view\media.phtml
3- Clean the Magento cache of your site.
Please do it and let me know how it goes.

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You are awesome! Thanks for the prompt response and solution. Everything is ok with the zoom! )
/me happy
Best Regards


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