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By default in this theme when you view a single product a zoomed in version of the normal image is shown.
I want to show here just the normal full image.
How can i adapt the template to do this?
I’ve done it with other lightboxes but this didn’t give me the wanted result.
So i was wondering how to do it in the anion template without extensions.

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fixed my own problem but for information :

In frontent/default/jm_anion/template/catalog/product/view/media.phtml
On line 48 you will find this : ".$tmpTools->jmresize($_product->getImage(),210,210,1)"
Changing it to .$tmpTools->jmresize($_product->getImage(),210,210,0). will make it scale not zoom.
1 = zoom 2 = scale , 210×210 are dimensions ofcourse


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