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The rolling delay time on my JM Products Slider has no effect. Set to 0 no rolling/sliding. Set to 1 or 99999 or anything in between there’s no difference in scroll time. About 3 seconds always. Would like to slow it down so it pauses for longer. The animation time is working fine. Any ideas anyone?

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congtq 0.00 $tone July 6, 2010

Hi all.

We fixed this bug and are testing, please download here…?do=cat&id=116 after we released a new version.

Or you can edit by yourself, follow some steps:
1. Open file app\design\frontend\default\defaulttemplate\jooml art\jmproductsslider\list.phtml
2. Add

PHP Code:


$configs['autorun'] = $configs['delaytime'];


PHP Code:

if($listall$_collectionSize $listall->count() ; 

Hope you success.


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