Shop By Price icon suddenly appears on my top right menu!

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Please view:…s/incense.html
The Shop By Price icon suddenly appears on my category pages, and I can’t find a way of getting rid of it! Would you have any idea what modification may have caused this? It is not to do with the extensions I have installed recently. iIchecked this myself. It must be some file I have replaced!

I ‘ll appreciate your advise please.

Thank you.

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quanpa 0.00 $tone September 4, 2013

Hi Susan!
To remove link Shop By on top right menu, you can open this file: app\design\frontend\default\<jm_wall or your theme>template\page\html\header.phtml

comment or remove code like this:

PHP Code:

<!-- BEGIN: SHOP BY-->
    <?php // if ($this->getChildHtml('catalog.leftnav')): ?>
        <div id="ja-shopby" class="has-toggle">
            <div class="btn-toggle shopby-toggle">
                <span>&nbsp;</span><strong><?php // echo $this->__('Shop By') ?></strong>
            <div class="inner clearfix">
                <?php // echo $this->getChildHtml('catalog.leftnav') ?>
    <?php // endif; ?>
    <!-- END: SHOP BY-->

Then flush magento cache in System->Cache Management



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