Social Icon Links – Where is it?

Where can I find the links to Subscribe us on position-10?
I want to change it to links to the social accounts.
Thanks in advance!

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When I replaced rss, google, with pinterest and instagram and add links to social accounts, it only shows a row of facebook icons.
Where do you add a link from it to the social accounts link?
where do I change the div class to match the replacement i made?

Profile photo of Antonio Honrado 0.00 $tone February 15, 2014

Can you provide and example that includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram
with links to these accounts?
when I add links, it breaks the block code where all you have is F F F F F all facebook.

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you can add your socials’s url to those icons, for instance you can change this line:

HTML Code:

<a class="facebook"> <span> Facebook </span> </a>


HTML Code:

<a href="" class="facebook"> <span> Facebook </span> </a>

Hope you get it.


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